'Til I See Her With Him
Til I See Her With Him

Everybody wonders why, I won’t say goodbye
to this dusty little town
I know that I can’t leave, she keeps holding on to me,
that’s why I’m still around
My how folks would talk, if they knew
the paths the crossed
That hot August night way back then
I’m all right, ‘til I see her with him

Though we’ve gone our separate ways, I’ve got to say,
It’s more than one man can stand
Just last night out in the park I saw them
walkin’ hand in hand
I pretend that it’s all right, when he holds her tight,
Here I go foolin myself again
Yeah I’m all right ‘til I see her with him

Til I See Her With Him

I try to be discreet, as I drive down her street
on my way home from work
Sometimes I catch them in the yard,
she runs and jumps into his arms
Like it’s the safest place on earth
I’m sure he’ll give her the world,
but God she’s still my little girl
That’s a secret I’ll keep ‘til the end
I’m all right, ‘til I see her with him.