Ghost of My Heart
Ghost of My Heart

There’s a shadow of a man that drives me to the edge
And tears me into little pieces till there's nothin' left
I can't escape the spirit that's carved our love in stone
Now his memory and I will live our life as one

Cause there’s a ghost of my heart that keeps haunting me
From the start he wouldn't leave my nights alone
I come apart, remembering how we used to be
Ghost of my heart, for eternity

I never thought his love for me
would keep me up all night
Rattlin' old chains he has around my heart
and comin' back to life
Sendin' chills through my body
while the sweat runs off my brow
I don't know about the hear after
but I know about the here and now


I’m never ever alone, though I try to hide
There's still a vision of yesterday locked up inside