Barstool Monologue
Barstool Monologue

I bought this bar on the G.I. bill back in seventy-five
Never ever thinking, it’s where I’d spend my life
Got addicted to the saints and their eighty proof philosophy
Lord you know I need ‘em, more than they need me
My fix was the neon prophets and the wisdom that they brought
As they bared their hearts and souls in a barstool monologue

They take their places on a dim lit stage,
where they do their lines
For a captive audience that’s only doin’ time
A man can say a lot when there’s little to say
His eyes will tell a story they’ve seen better days
They all have their demons, they all have their Gods
And they all preach to any ear, a barstool monologue

Barstool Monologue

You can come in here to forget the silence of your dreams
You can sit and try to bury what might have been
The faces change but the stories remain, sanity has a cost
And you pay on that tab with a barstool monologue

Now I’ve turned off the light and put a lock on the door
And found my favorite spot to sit and have one more
Now you might think I’m crazy for talkin’ to myself
And the picture of a woman that stands upon a shelf
It serves as a reminder that everyone bears a cross
And they hope to find the answers in a barstool monologue