Ol Hippie Bluegrass Show 409 Part 3
-START OF THE THIR HALF HOUR- !30 Sec! 17-(18).Sideline- Mountain Girl- Session 2- Mountain Fever !10 Sec! 18-(17).Joe Mullins- Johnson Island Prsion- Another Day From Life- Rebel !Merlefest Promo! !10 Sec! 19-(16).Donna Ullisse- It Could Have Been The Mandolin- Hard Cry Moon- Hadley Music !St Mary Promo! !10 Sec! 20-(15).Hot Rize- Western Skies- When I'm Free- Ten In Hand !10 Sec! 21-(14).Kathy Kallick Band- Foxhounds- Title Cut- Live Oak !10 Sec! 22-(13).Nothin Fancy- Love, War & Games- By Any Other Name- Mountain Fever !Merlefest Promo! !10 Sec! 23-(12).Big Country Bluegrass- The Hound Dog From Harlen- Country Livin- Rebel !10 Sec! 24-(11).Darrin & Brrok Aldridge- Tennessee Flat Top Box- Snap Shots- Mountain Home !10 Sec! 25-(10).Mark Kuykendall & Bobby Hicks- Sweetheart Of The Mountains- Down Memory Lane- Rebel !30 Sec!