Bailing Again
I am standing on the corner of a pair of country roads
And I’m carving out my daddy's name on a little stone
Oh, I couldn't always talk to him
But if he was here today
I think I'd know exactly what to say

I'd say the weather's been hot
The hay is almost in
And if it holds by next week we'll be
Bailin' again
The wheat is good, the corn is high
Sure could use your advice on how
To raise a couple kids
I'm trying to raise them just the way you did

I'd tell him about the hard frost
Early last fall
And how for awhile looked like wouldn’t make it at all
I'd tell him how it'd all worked out
Just this spring
If he was here I'd tell him everything

Repeat Chorus
Instrumental break

Daddy never said goodbye
One day he just up and died and left me
To go it all alone
And sometimes I wished I could hear his voice
Helpin’ me to make the choice
Between givin’ up and carrying on

Repeat Chorus