Snake Eyes
You thought love was waiting there at the corner bar
With the smoke and whiskey and the wail of a steel guitar
And your lonely heart believed what your instincts should deny
When the smoke cleared you were staring into cold snake eyes.

Lonely hearts, Lord, how they gamble
Can’t find the berries in the brambles
They’re looking for love where no love can survive
Then they blame it on bad luck and cold snake eyes.

You risk your heart each time you roll the dice
You think ‘cause you just lost that you can’t lose twice
For a lonely heart will gamble even when the stakes are high
You can’t win true love when you roll those cold snake eyes.

So you dream of winning big when you’re in the hole
And you know your luck can change with the next roll
And your lonely heart keeps gambling against odds you can’t defy
That next time you won’t roll those cold snake eyes.