After All These Years
Recorded by Foster and Allen after they formed their highly successful partnership in the late '70s. They are two of the most experienced and talented musicians playing in the folk idiom. Mick Foster is a champion accordion player and has won many titles for his dexterity on this instrument. Tony Allen is a fine singer whose vocal strength has played a major role in the group's phenomenal success story.
Their albums and singles have achieved considerable success with FOSTER & ALLEN being awarded Platinum, Gold and Silver Discs in recognition of sales in many territories.
They have toured the world to great critical acclaim and have enthralled audiences wherever they perform. In view of the fact that they have made innumerable television and radio appearances it is not surprising that they are such a household name.
FOSTER & ALLEN are without doubt major ambassadors for Irish Folk Music internationally, given their progress over the past few years. Now recorded by P V Tanner and dedicated to his friend and companion