After All These Years
After All These Years Lyrics And Chords. Written by Coleman/Kennedy and a hugh hit for Foster And Allen

My[D] darling come to me,sit you down[G] easily,
And rest a[A] while near the soft fire[D] light,[G]is the [A]night,
But warm is my[D] heart with pride,having you[G] by my side,
Your still my[A] guiding light,after all these[D] years,
Your[G] soft assuring ways,the roch I lean[D] on,
Saw me through my[E] darkest days[E7] when all hope had[G] gone,,,[A7]
Your still the[D] only one,I'll ever[G] hold[Em] near,
And I love[A]] you after all these[D] years
Time from me passes on,and im growing old,
A lifetime nearly gone,I cannot unfold nights dark and cold.
But warm is your hand in mine,feeble with ageless time,
The light of love still shines,after all these years.
[Chorus]:your soft assuring ways,the rock I lean on,
Saw me through my darkest day when all hope had gone,
Your still the only one I ever hold near,
And I love you after all these years

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