"Mysterious Saint"
"Mysterious Saint":

Used to drive an ambulance
The siren was red
Cop walked on over
Told the medic he was dead
Looked into the mirror saw his eyes they bled
The face was ashen gray
With no back to his head
Put the pedal to the floor
Went racing for her bed
She left him at the altar
So he never wed

Took him 'round the corner
To the house where he was born
He opened up the door
Just to see the dawn
There were two men playing checkers
While lying on his lawn
They played for many hours
Just to swap a pawn
They pulled him by the shoulders
Because his arms were torn
There was a hole in his chest
Near the heart he'd worn

Saw his only son
Said why the lonely tear
Just looking for my papa
But He isn't here
He leaned over and whispered
Into the young man's ear
Said life is for the living
Don't worry, never fear
When they think it's over
There'll be another year
The boy moved his lips
But no words appeared

He always tried to be
Such an honest guy
Some people say he lived a lie
The truth is never easy
for one to verify
No Matter what they say
Or how hard they try
But we know he disappeared
Some say off to die
It only left his son
To question lord oh why?

Mysterious Saint, Hear him knockin' at your gate
Mysterious Saint, He comes to you in good faith
Mysterious Saint, A sinner you know he ain't
Mysterious Saint, Be kind when you judge his fate
Mysterious Saint,
Please take him in, Don't let him wait
Mysterious Saint