"It All Depends"
"It All Depends":

We have given all we can give
And we've given our best
Yet we find ourselves so near
To a place we fear

I know you caught me deep within your net
I knew it from the very first we met
You say you know me, and want me too
I know what I want, and I need to do
But it all depends
What transcends
It all depends on you

I know you're tryin' to be my best friend
You say you'll be with me even in the end
The clock is running and it's hands are fast
If this is something that you need to last
It all depends
If you bend
It all depends on you

What happened to us before we met
That makes it so hard to trust
Though we lust, we can't commit
Are these feelings dust?

Is this a nightmare, or something worse
Or something real that holds a curse
When we awaken up from this dream
Will we decipher just what it means, guess
It all depends
Let's not pretend
It all depends on you

So very interesting to be in this place
With so many difficult things to face
What seemed so simple has turned to hard
And since your holding now the very last card
It all depends
In the end
It all depends on you
It all depends on you