"Questions (W)"
"Questions (W)":

Why do they have to disagree
Differences in what they both foresee
Or prisoned by a memory
Why can't they leave it be
Why not just live in harmony

Where does the hatred all come from
Where do the hearts turn cold and numb
Where minds turn worrisome
Where bodies do succumb
Where the kingdoms pound the drum

When can we learn from nature
When balance swings its sword
When will all creatuon
Reach a true accord

Who'll find the hidden stache
Who will sound good Karma's brass
Who'll turn the hourglass
Back before last hours pass

What can we do to feed our soul
What can we do to make it whole
Greed never was the goal
Dry rots and takes its toll
What has come of the olden scroll
What has come of the olden scroll