"Where Was The Time"
The way things seem to change so quickly as we grow older? Especially, time! We want to savor and cherish the moments we have together, but instead we are driven, pushed forward, and "Busy".
This is the song we sing to cap off the night. A time to raise our glasses and come together in song and good spirit. There is a "Live" version of this tune that extends for nearly 15 minutes. We wish you were there with us. Maybe next Time ...

All Songs:
Written and performed by Rich Luca
Produced & Arranged by Rich Luca and Tom Reock
Engineered by Tom Reock at Squirrel Ranch Studios, Hamilton, NJ

Contributing Squirrel Ranch Musicians:
Tom Reock - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums/Percussion, & Backing Vocals
Mario DiBartolo - Electric Guitars
Sean Patrick - Background Vocals