The Only Song
The Only Song
R Michael Rhodes

Verse 1
People stand in line just to hear me sing and play
They listen very carefully to the things I’ve got to say
My friends they all tell me they say man you’ve got it made
But it’s never that way when the bright lights start to fade

You’re The Only Song I couldn’t write
And you’re the only one who knows me at all
And when my dreams fade in the night I can still remember how you used to call
When you called my name

Verse 2
Drivin’ down the road five hundred miles to go
Another lonely town then one more empty show
Hotels and magazines keep me runnin’ with my dreams
Then it’s back on the bus and it’s time for me to go

What good are promises when there’s no one to believe
What good is lovin’ someone when it’s always time to leave
Oh how I need you now to be here next to me