She Has a Dream
“She Has a Dream”
Words and Music: Sam Pollard
© Blue Pie Records & Sam Pollard Music Pty Ltd 2011
(p) Blue Pie Publishing 2011

She wants to make things better

Girl sits alone, stares at the rain
Thinks she’s not the only one feeling this way
Has another coffee, and while it’s steaming she says
That it doesn’t have to be like this, I think we should pray
Watches the traffic, it’s going no where
Can’t help thinking, she might as well walk there
Has another meeting, and she walks up the stairs
They can’t stop laughing, when she turns up wet

She has a dream, to better our days
Wants to break down the rivalries, no more to say
We should be free, to live our own way
No more need for the arguments that keep us away

Want to be there
Really want to be there

Gets on the train, it didn’t go well
No-one would listen, they’ll all go to hell
We’re only dreaming, they’re all the same
They never understand a thing, it’s only a game

She has a dream
Just a fantasy
Why can’t you see
It wasn’t meant to be