Better Way
“Better Way”
Words and Music: Sam Pollard
© Blue Pie Records & Sam Pollard Music Pty Ltd 2011
(p) Blue Pie Publishing 2011

Going our separate ways

I was listening to what you said
And I don’t understand a thing
I can’t see how it’s gonna work
What’s going on in your head
Now you’re going your own way
And it’s not gonna work for me
Why don’t you listen to what I say?
Why can’t you see?

We’re gonna find out which way it’ll go
Don’t you think that we might all turn to stone?
You might find a better way I don’t know
What you gonna do now you’re all on your own

I can’t believe it’s gone this way
What do you think you’re doing?
We’ve all got to celebrate
Now we’ve got it moving
We’ve all got another face
Which one will you be choosing
It’s all so elaborate
Now can’t you see?