Company Town
Company Town
© Shannon Slaughter / Dave Carroll 2013
Verse 1
Times were hard but so were we / a working man and a family

Bread and beans the neighbors shared / when bad times left our cupboard bare
Sang along with the radio / to the Saturday evening Opry show


In a Company Town --- where the men and women make their way by digging in the ground
Company Town – you can’t rub 2 dimes together when a nickel can’t be found
We’re in this thing together right side up or upside down
Living, loving, dying all………….. in a company town

Verse 2
Off to work fore the break of day / kissed the babies bye and on my way
Timbers creak far underground / but the good lord keeps us safe and sound
Big boss man goes riding by / but he don’t speak his head’s too high

Verse 3
Company houses all in rows / one washboard for all our clothes
For 6 long days we’d dig for pay / on the Sabbath we’d all kneel and pray

Nights we laid our heads to rest / we ain’t got much but still we’re blessed

Final verse after chorus
Our thanks go up as dark creeps round / God bless our little company town