2011 written by Alex Hibbitts and Sarah Scott, Alex Hibbitts Publishing, BMI
verse 1
it wasn't all that long ago
since i almost let you go
when i recognized the look upon your face
the look of one i just dont know
which path to take, which road to go down
and it's just got worse, since you ain't been around

you know how much i love you baby
but i can't live on just your maybes
you know that life ain't been good to me
i've seen that look so many times
and when feel like life has passed you by
and you just need to have you more fling
tell me do i mean anything

verse 2
with so much love inside my heart /that i just don't know where to start /
so i'll just keep it safely locked inside
no i cant prove you've done me wrong /but i've heard so much for so long
that all i hear is the voice inside my mind


come and go your separate way
with never all that much to say
and i begin to wonder why you stay

Chorus 3