The Best Thing We Ever Did
The Best Thing We Ever Did
Shannon Slaughter / Heather Slaughter © 2014
Elite Circuit Music

Verse 1
The Best thing I ever did was dialing your number one more time
And I’m so glad you came down from Caroline
We found love between the lines
Of the songs we sang til the morning brought the sun
Living in a Dream hoping Monday wouldn’t come
Two hearts in rhythm as one


Verse 2
The Best thing I ever did was bring her into my life
And I’m so glad you’re her mother and my wife
Everything is finally right
That perfect little smile and the sweetest voice I’ve heard
She makes my day without saying a word
So much more than we deserve


We know who we are and we know what we need
In his loving will to live
Giving our lives to him / that’s the best thing we ever did