The Mystery
Scientists around the world from every tongue and nation
Are pondering a question that's been asked for generations
They wonder how the universe could be,
It's just a mystery

Philosophers all make their claim, searching for a reason
Trying to unravel human minds and shifting seasons
They wonder why the universe would be
It's just a mystery

Big bang
An alien race
Or rising up out of the sea
They've all become
A plausible case
For how we all came to be

But I know the answers to the questions they ask
I know the parts of the puzzle
I can solve all of their problems at last
Without going to all the trouble

I found a book that holds the deepest things beneath its cover
Things that fill enlightened minds with knowledge and with wonder
And if One shows you how to find the key
You'll solve the mystery

Some people call it foolish and simply won't believe it
But others hear it gladly and rejoice when they receive it
And they learn things that they have never seen
The greatest mysteries

The One who wrote
This book of old
Is greater than you could conceive
But He knows
The secrets untold
He makes the blind man see

He knows the answers to the questions you ask
He knows the parts of the puzzle
He will bring comfort to the faithful at last
A light in a world full of trouble