Kerouac's Scat
Kerouac’s Scat

Eulogy lost to the Flatbush Pharaoh
The baby blue minx
Screams the be-bop’s ‘brio
Tin Pan, slow SoHo, cerebral symptoms
Elevate aesthetic numbers
as words fill vulgar verbal fancy
While Fulton’s Fish fades past
the fifties, sixties, seventies, Madison
Colors fade to words
between pens and ballpoint brains
inside Greenwich

Dutch and Leo’s_ Vanguard shadows
Figaro’s, Remo’s and Cedar nights
Pig’s guns used for fun…

Bowery bums and Beat Brothers dance Termini’s song
The square_ thick air_. the mescaline’s ‘on’

Mercer, Union, Bleecker, Greene
the Lane, the Hudson
Flow the veins of art and foolery

Free-form_ fixed_ flagellated pieces
Crucial_ mending deep for the

…Harlem’s Rome_ Harlem’s Rome _an artists envy

Ozone’s second home and Slate’s inspire
Bleecker Street
_the home that sends me