A Village Lullaby (Howl's Homage)
(A Village Lullaby)

Bow’s break and cradles fall
and I was once my mother’s child _once so very long ago

It’s hip to hate, o.k. to fly
suck from the game_ then stare at the sky

What do you have
When you’re just a beggar for the meat?

Who will you hold
when your skin’s too old to share
and has lost its sweet, sweet smell?

Dream their dreams
Then test the water when ‘ya cut and dip,
_to see if it still stings

It’s oh so boring
when it’s oh so pretty_ _lay down and die baby, lay down and die_

Where will the softness come
_if daddy’s gone to play? ‘keep your shoes on_ _spread the magic’
make her earn the pay_

Tiny Flip’s loose
and the cutter’s gone to play
Maggie’s dry, the spirits fly
and the ‘watchman’s come to stay

It’s all so simple when you haven’t got a name_

Lay down and die baby, lay down and die
_it’s the Village lullaby_ _it’s just a Village lullaby