Gods & Ghosts (Spoken Word)

From the prince to the pauper
From the jester to the queen
From the peasant to the privileged
Its the way it’s always been
Its all the self appointed Gods
Who take what once was free
And sell us back our freedoms
Like it was theirs to give or keep_

The ghosts write speeches for the statesmen
Who are bought and sold by Gods
Who promise wealth and substance
But the substance is the fraud
Wealth is just a state of mind
For gold is just a stone
The wealth is in the masses
Oh, if the masses only spoke__ Gods and Ghosts, Gods and Ghosts

The money floats in rivers
To the self-appointed Gods
Who were painted in by righteous clowns
By a godless server's chore
Lies live inside imbeciles
The Gods refuse to see
Oblivious aristocrats ….
As judgment falls on thee__

The ghost writes for the faces
Whom the Gods have choose
Who chose to play the orator
For the masses far removed
Spirits who have cried out
To the heavens; never heard
There lay the faces sprawled out
On a rotundas bloodied earth__ Gods and Ghosts, Gods and Ghosts

Neath the blue eyed blinded Englishman
Sits the fair haired Texas Queen
I sit below the riverbank
Asking where has my god been
Does he hear the rain: it’s crying?
Does he lift his eyes to speak?
Does he see the time he's chosen?
For the world has cried for thee_ Gods and ghosts, Gods and ghosts

So lift up your ghosts to higher thrones
For these Gods, they have no wings
The Ghost he bleeds his songs for you
As he hears the masses scream
Stand and speak, stand and sing
For the Ghost is within you!
Why must you follow shepherds?
If the shepherds have “lost you?”

__ Gods and ghosts, Gods and ghosts X6