f.t. talton/Corrina jo music/ascap

so, the sidewalk shines from a recent rain
while the decent people sleep
and you walk in time to the flashing lights
that are dancing in the street
wondering how it all came down
to this lonesome place you’re in
you were laughing with her just last night
and the candlelight was dim

now your thoughts are cloudy, like the sky
and you’re looking for a break
maybe all these clouds will disappear
in the morning, when you wake
going over every word she said
when did it all begin?
Was it after just a glass or two
She finally mentioned him?

so you really must remember now
how you thought love wouldn’t last
like the purest tone form the perfect voice
it had to break the glass
shattering your world in bits
making it all seem colder
but, remember love will come again
and let the past roll off your shoulder
shattering your world in bits
leaving a lonesome pain
but all of this will wash away
just like this recent rain