f.t. talton/Corrina Jo Music/ASCAP

Mr. Love is going downtown
Taking your guns and knives
Mr. Love is no foolin’ around
Bound to change our lives

Being pulled by the wings of the angels
Flying to Paris to roam
Taking New York in the wink of an eye
While they sleep on their memory foam
Shaking D.C to its weakening knees
Teaching the children at home

Mr. Love is coming around
He will not leave us alone
Mr. Love is coming around
You won’t be on your own

If you’re traveling fast on a Tokyo train
Or burning in an African sun
Bleeding on a college campus somewhere
‘cause some fool got his hands on a gun
Maybe you’re lost in a corporate scheme
Finding there’s nowhere to run

Mr. Love is coming downtown……
Mr. Love is coming downtown……
Mr. Love is coming downtown……

T. Talton…vocals, acoustic guitar, all electric guitars, percussion
Kenny Head…organ
Frankie Natolla…bass
David Keith…drums, congas, percussion

Recorded: June 10, 2014 @ Gintown Studio, Graysville, Al.