F.T. Talton/Corrina Jo Music/ASCAP and
In Sync Music/BMI

Hey diddle diddle, I can love you a little
I can love you til the cows come home
We can take it on the road, anywhere can be home
We may end up where the buffalo roam

Whenever I see you walkin’ down the street
I’m thinkin’ I’m a fortunate one
You’re way too cute with your high-heeled boots
We don’t we have a little too much fun?
Hey, pretty baby, it’s a quarter to three
I got appointment with a real estate card
She’s gonna show me a house with a beautiful view
On Hollywood Boulevard
Isn’t love funny how it’s always on the money?
There’s a difference tween the real and the fake
Baby, I’m amused how I’m ready to be used
By a woman who could throw me away
Where is the middle when you don’t know up and down?
You’ve got me feelin’ like a painted up clown
Woman, it’s amazin’ how you got me on a string
I can’t believe you bring me around

T. Talton…vocal, dobro/ NC Thurman…piano, harmony vocal/
Rick Hirsch…electric rhythm guitar/ Frankie Nattola…bass/
Pete Wehner…drums
Recorded: August 8, 2014 @ Studio H2O, Mobile, Al.