I Got the Honey
2. I Got the Honey 2:29
written by Tracy K ©SOCAN
Vocals & Harmonica - Tracy K
Dobro guitar - Jamie "Snakeman" Steinhoff
*Ah, yes, here’s a story. Delta soaked, 'cause it was written there. Jamie Steinhoff (my duo partner) and I were in Memphis for the International Blues Challenge 2014 representing Thunder Bay in the solo/duo category. Some folks were coming down with an awful virus, the ole hit-by-a-truck flu. It eventually spread to ALL of us, like hundreds and hundreds of people! Epidemic proportions, people ending up with pneumonia. Jamie and I headed to Clarksdale, Mississippi after the Memphis event, where we both fell ill. We were told by the folks at the Shack Up Inn where we stayed, that we’s all got "the Delta Crud! Oh that’s bad. It’s in the soil here y’know? You best jess stay in your shack. And please, keep your distance." Yikes! Jamie had it first, and was well enough to go into town to grab some provisions for our little shack that we were renting. All I could tolerate was water, honey and lemon out of a mason jar. I had the water, the honey, but I needed those lemons! I could have drank an ocean’s worth of water waiting for that lemon, so feverish, so dehydrated, dying. So that double entendre stuff in the lyrics is all true! While visiting our friend Mick Kolassa he recorded it on his phone and posted it - it went viral amongst the IBC crowd in minutes, no pun intended. Jamie and I had to record it, for posterity.