Indigo Heart
6.Indigo Heart 5:03 written by Tracy K ©SOCAN
Vocals - Tracy K
Guitar - Terry Barnett
Keys & Horns - Leonard "Lewsh" Shaw
Bass - Nenad "Keza" Zdjelar
Drums - Ty Rogers
*Here is the second song that I wrote for the workshops at Live from the Rock folk fest. This one is very personal. Unlike a lot of songs on this album, this one is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Taking the workshop’s name Indigo Heart as my starting point, it wasn’t long before I had a song about things that made my heart develop that blue hue. Everybody has been hurt, loved, lonely, confused, and yet we are resilient. We work through what we have no choice but to accept, and in time, all things pass. Indigo Heart sums up that thought, and the album title as well. At this stage of life, the last thing I EVER want to do is rush. I had a major health issue in 2006 and I had no choice but to slow down. I developed a taste for it :) Maybe you will too, because when it comes to life and living, what’s the rush? My dog Billie Rose, who is on the cover art, is a huge part of my rush-less therapy! Unconditional love in return for a walk or game of fetch or kick ball, nothing like it. Enjoy the same players on this song as on "Heartstrung". Beautifully produced and recorded by Len Milne (Bedside Studios), and arranged by Leonard Shaw.