Indigo Heart
Seems like yesterday I was putting my babies to bed
Now my nest is empty, all the flock has fled
I waited for so long to have some time for myself
Suddenly I'm lost and those 'to-dos' sit on a shelf

But I'm not sayin', I feel blue
There's just a few things I'm workin' through
Every day brings a new start
Mine's coloured by my Indigo Heart
Coloured by my Indigo Heart

Had a class reunion, lotsa laughs n lotsa smiles
Saw my best friends there, hadn’t seen in a long while
So many years between us, how could we still be so close?
Wondered why we drifted, well heaven only knows


So have ya heard the news? I got nothin' left to lose
Just emotional baggage, and a suitcase full of blues
If you got 'em too yea, well you're gonna have to come and share
I got plenty of time now, c'mon in my kitchen, and pull up a chair


©Tracy Mastaler Aug 3 2014