What Tomorrow Brings
3. What Tomorrow Brings 4:40
written by Tracy K ©SOCAN
Vocals & Harmonica - Tracy K
Guitar - Jason Nowicki
Keys & Horns - Leonard "Lewsh" Shaw
Bass - Vaughan Poyser
Drums - George Demeduk
*The moon manages to make an appearance again, as it does in so much of my music. On this album, it’s in this song. During a sleepless moment in the confines of my bedroom, where I had a small six pane french window above my bed, I observed how bright the moon’s shine was, coming from such a tiny sliver. Like some kinda hope. Since my troubled mind was keeping me awake, I began writing lyrics in my head. Looking at the glowing white crescent in the black velvet sky evoked feelings of having little left to hang on to. Short of patience, clarity, certainty. Only part of the whole picture. And so on. However, the night is temporary, and so I decided not to worry about what tomorrow will bring, because the sun will rise, and set again, as it always does, no matter what happens in our little world. The lyrics are about a fictional character, but one who I identified with at that wee hour of the morning. It’s the same line-up of players as on 'Everybody Wants’.