I'd Do Anything
I’d Do Anything

I'm painting a picture of you and me
Colors are vivid but it’s like a dream
You’re gettin’ closer - I sense you near
And we're dressed up so fine, it’s a black tie affair


Well, I’d do anything to get close to you

Oh Baby I’d do anything to get close to you

Well you haunt all my dreams and you make my wishes come true

There’s big folk and small talk at the party tonight
Some real pretty girls and some good lookin’ guys
I’m happy to find you alone in a corner there
And I’m longing to touch you so I fix your hair and I stay right there




I could be wrong but I think you feel the same way
I’m gettin’ so much pleasure from the games that we play


I suddenly wake up and I find myself at home
Must’ve bin dreamin’ cause I’m here all alone
One of these days we’re gonna make it come true
Yea and I’m gonna wake up lyin’ next to you

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©Tracy Mastaler 2000 SOCAN