Loretta Hagen - Fear Of Love
Fear Of Love
From Something More
Music and Lyrics by Loretta Hagen

I get a twinge of pain
Then a temporary loss of my brain
I get sick
But I get happy when I hear your name

I elate
Then lament
I say things that I may not have meant
Then I shake way down deep
When you're here by me

I got the fear of love
Fear of changing
The fear of living my life around you
Fear of living my life alone
The fear of living my life without you
Without you babe

I'm at ease in my home
I made a cozy little place of my own
Still I feel a little bit lonely
When you leave my door
This could mean I'm in deep
And it's a scary situation for me
Cause I see the day
When I won't let you leave
It's a fear of love
That's caught me off my guard
It's got me by the heart
I got the fear of love