Esther Golton - Love Is Easy
Love Is Easy
From Unfinished Houses

Love is easy when it’s you and me
It’s breezy as bubbles in the air
From our very first kiss on the porch that night
We were a magical pair

Love is easy for you and me
It pleases me to see the ways you shine
Let’s build a house together
Let’s garden till we’re sore
Then we’ll tango like tulips ‘cross the floor

Our friends are kind of jealous
They ask “Don’t you ever fight?”
“Not too often. Things are mellow.”
There’s only one topic we like to avoid:
"Should the paint in the kitchen be that particular shade of yellow?"

Love is easy when it’s me and you
You can tease me when I’m surly or blue
It’s no wonder we gave birth to the cutest kid on earth
Our wedding day is making even Sorrow smile too…

I’ve never felt less lonely I’ve never felt more free
Our love has made us rich with its simplicity

Our love is easy
Our love is easy
So easy when it’s you and me….