Stefillia's Stone - Love Is Like Water
Love is Like Water Rowan/Kennedy

Quiet rain drops were never so loud

Feels like we’re floating on top of a cloud

The dark night fills up your room

A sweet scent of something in bloom

The rainy moon lays a soft glow on you

Holding your hand feels just like the truth

Lying awake still I dream

Light is all I see


Love is like water

So pure and free

Clear and cascading

Like a gentle breeze

Love is like water

Washing our souls

Showering us with light

You took my hand up to your heart

A rhythm streaming straight from the stars

A wave spreading warmth on my skin

Awakening my thirst to drink you in

Chorus repeat:


It can’t be gathered up in your hands

Disappearing into the sand

Flooding your senses

A rainbow from our hearts

Chorus repeat