Sharon Glassman - Bunches Of Love
Bunches of Love
©2011, Sharon Glassman (BMI)

In a little, little, little, little village
With a sunny, sunny, sunny sky above
A hopeful, hopeful, hopeful, hopeful farmer
Is dreaming what his world could be made of:

I want to pick, pick, pick, pick, pick you like an apple
Coo-coo-coo-coo to you like a dove
I want to squeeze, squeeze you like a sweet, sweet grape
And bring you bunches of love

On a leafy, leafy, leafy, little hillside
Fitting every hand into a glove
A lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely seamstress
Is dreaming what her world could be made of:


Well the wind, the wind, the wind it came a-blowing
Blew a little glove into the air
Left it in the fine care of that farmer
Who was standing, working, hoping, planting there

The seamstress came a-running down that hillside
Saw her glove upon that farmer’s hand
Smiled and kindly handed him the other
You can hear them singing now across the land


…and bring you bunches
and sew you bunches
and show you bunches of love.