Sharon Glassman - Arrow Of Love
“Arrow Of Love” ©2014, Sharon Glassman BMI

One, two, three
My arrow-heart thrice flies to thee
Four, five, six.
Never knew I’d feel like this
One, two, three.
My one true love eternal.

Well, I was walking through the churchyard,
Life had been a little hard,
When I came across this stone, stone.
There a message written there
About loving and believing.
And I know looks can be deceiving.
But I was alone.

That stone had been waiting for a century.
I don’t know if it was waiting for me.
Baby, I was blind but now I see.
I was made for you were made for me.
Sing along if you agree …


I was standing in the studio,
Wondering which way to go,
When I thought about that stone, stone.
Those old-fashioned words were a positive rocket,
Rang in my ear, put my heart in my pocket.
So, I’m moving on.
From today to tomorrow through the century.
I don’t know if you’ll wait for me.
Boy, I was dumb, but now I see.
The arrow…points to me.
Sing along if you still love me: