Old Joe Brown
Well, Joe Brown was a gambler
He was born to roll them dice
Ask any man who beat him once,
You never beat him twice

He wore shoes of the finest leather
Fancy feather in his hat
Had gold and diamonds on each of his fingers
And the grin of a Cheshire Cat

Old Joe Brown, Old Joe Brown
You're gonna lose that bet,
you deserve what you get
If you lay your money down against
Old Joe Brown

Joe, he worked them riverboats
Saint Louie to New Orleans
Had many fine ladies in both them cities
And every stop in between

He rode the mighty Mississippi
Gamblin' all the way
And if you're unlucky enough to sit at his table
You know that you're gonna pay...

Now one night playing five-card
He lay down a diamond flush
Reached for the pot in the center of the table
When a voice said, “What's the rush?”

You see the man across the table,
Named “Kuhn” some people say
Had four aces tucked up his sleeve
Just waitin' to make his play against...

Joe paid him like a gentleman
And he tipped his feathered brim
Kuhn took his money and a fine little honey
Back to the room with him

Kuhn went to sleep a winner
Next to his fancy lady friend...
But she was Joe's friend too and
She knew what to do
He never woke up again
And now he's six feet down, because of...