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  • CHRIS RUEST|Handcrafted By Real People On Real Instruments
  • CARRIE CUNNINGHAM|Get ready to dance
  • TOMMY EMMANUEL|Known worldwide as one of the greatest acoustic guitarist
  • REAGAN JOHNSON|Lifelines!
  • BILLY WALTON BAND|Rockin' blues-flavored R&B with the unmistakable stamp of the Jersey Shore
  • SCOTT SMITH|"A strong set of tracks, vocals & sizzling guitar work.  A pure joy!"
  • HONEYBOY EDWARDS|Fresh takes on old gems and the first-time release of historic recordings
  • DAN DOIRON|Up-tempo guitar-driven rockin' blues
  • JAMES HOUSE|Good things come in 3's
  • ANDY COHEN|Masterful instrumental skills, gruff vocals, folkin' around with the blues
  • RICH KRUEGER|A Fact Hewn Hard From My Long Life: Life, Well It Aint That Long!
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