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  • KOKO TAYLOR|Remastered classics from the Queen of the Blues
  • BILLY BOY ARNOLD|A fully realized, wide ranging blues workout
  • VOLUME FIVE|Continuing to top charts again, and again, and again...
  • JOEY'S SONG PRESENTS CHRISTMAS IS|Unique songs for your Xmas playlist and Charity
  • JEFF WHITE|A Dynamic Soulful Collection of Hard Hitting Bluegrass, Folk and Celtic Music
  • ERIKA FLASKAMP|7 songs about change, transformation and life experience
  • COLD BEER & BROADS|6 tuneful mid- and up-tempo rock songs with earworm hooks.
  • SCOTT SMITH|A strong set of tracks, vocals & sizzling guitar work A pure joy!
  • ALLIGATOR 45TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION|Over 158 minutes of genuine houserockin’ blues
  • JOHN BERRY|Acclaimed new album from Grammy winning Country superstar
  • Freddy Powers | Winner of five BMI songwriting awards, Freddy is the MAN with the hits!
  • DJ Chance Austin|Last Chance Medicine Show - Like Talk radio where the music does the talking
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