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  • ED SNODDERLY|Songs refreshingly creative and undoubtedly original!
  • SHAUN MURPHY|Blues - Americana - Rock - AAA... She has it all.
  • CHARLES BROWN|the perennial top contender when it comes to Yuletide R&B
  • UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS|Joyful production of your favorite Christmas Songs!
  • PACO|The true spirit of Christmas is in the joy of children
  • JIM ED BROWN|Classic "Brownsesque" harmonies take on a new life
  • DAVE INSLEY|"a standout performer" Jeff Burger, No Depression
  • STEVE MARTIN|"The Strangest Christmas Yet":  A seriously fun Christmas song from Steve Martin
  • RIDERS IN THE SKY|Modern torchbearers of the cowboy singing tradition, Riders in the Sky, adaption of holiday tunes.
  • GLEE THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM| Your favorite Christmas Songs as only this cast can do it.
  • ROWDY HOUSE|A New Christmas Classic
  • MANDY BARNETT|Barnett is re-creating the vintage sound of country music from 50 years ago with this holiday collection
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