Blues God Has To Hide
Justin Pokrywka - Vocals
Loren & Mark – Guitars; Loren – Bass
Running Time: 4:27
Tempo and Style: Upbeat, soft touch, fingerpicking blues with a great melody and fabulous instrumental.
Premise and Background: Comparing our mundane concerns with those that God has to deal with. However, we almost never hear about God’s pain - He never shares his pain with us out of concern for us. In Genesis 6:6 it states that God repented that He had created man and that human wickedness pained Him to His heart. Pope Francis, after meeting with survivors from sexual abuse by Catholic priests declared that “God Weeps”.
Laurence Baer is a BMI songwriter. He owns exclusive rights to both the songwriting and publishing royalties of this song through L. Baer & Associates, LLC.