Rise Again
The driest year our town had ever seen
Dust clouds closed the schools in Aberdeen
Lost our farm in ‘88
And as Dad stopped our truck to close the gate
He said son, we’ve been hit hard but we’ll rise again

Daddy swallowed his pride
And we moved in with some kin
If not for them Lord knows where we’d have been
But when Dad took sick it fell on me
Burned the midnight oil for my degree
And when I’d lose hope I’d hear his words again.

Rise again, Rise again
We may be down for now, but
We will rise again
Take away our last dollar
Cut us lower than we’ve ever been
We may be down for now,
But when the sun comes up
We’ll rise again

Sometimes the way is clear sometimes you improvise
We still go back each year to plant flowers
Where Daddy lies
You learn what kind of man you’ll be
When you’re face to face with adversity
You can hang it up, or you can rise again


Just like Job, hard times may come to call
Stand your ground and don’t lose hope
Though your back’s against the wall

We may be down for now
But when the sun comes up
We’ll rise … We will rise
We’ll rise again