Stories and Memories - Make It Up
New MohaviSoul single: “Make It Up”
From new upcoming MohaviSoul Album: “Stories and Memories”

This song is a whimsical tribute to Mark Twain’s tenure during the Civil War and Reconstruction at Virginia City’s paper, Territorial Enterprise, 1862-1868. During his Civil War Tenure at this paper, Mark Twain was quoted as saying: “Get your facts first, then distort them as you please. More outrageous the hoax, the greater the evidence of talent, Greater the indignation by papers hoaxed, more applicable the epithet of 'one horse.’” Twain was one of the Godfathers of yellow journalism (aka “fake news”) as he never let facts get in the way of a good story. This song is a sound-byte collage of some of those crazy days and deeds during the Nevada Silver Rush and the Civil War out West. Radio programmers and DJs can download song at Airplay Direct!!
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Keywords: Bluegrass, Americana, Storytelling, Persistence, Western, Frontier, California, Migration, Tenacity, Soul