Stories and Memories - Breakin' Down
Breakin’ Down by Randy Hanson, MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
Verse 1
Bluegrass Breakdown escapes the night
Flyin’ back home at first light
But one day, his bus gave way
Leavin’ his boys with nowhere to play
Verse 2
“Ain’t no part of nothin” says ole Bill
Kicking the tire on the side of the hill
Bluegrass Boys hit the walls of time
Jammin by the road, in quarter time
Bluegrass Breakdown, met its hill
Bluegrass Breakdown, lost it’s will
Bluegrass Breakdown, livin it’s name
Breakin’, Breakin’, Breakin’ down
Verse 3 Break-Banjo
Back roads all night, on the down low
Playing for Bill, was kinda touch and go
Endless highway, in three-part harmony
Wheel Hoss screamin’ with breaks on fire
Outro on last line of Chorus Plus Tag
Breakin’, Breakin’, Breakin’ down,
Breakin’, Breakin’, Breakin’ Down……….