Stories and Memories - Squirrels in my Car
Squirrels in my Car By Randy Hanson
(Key of Bb, 129 BPM), MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
INTRO - Mando
Verse 1
I just found squirrels in my car
But they didn’t get very far
Couldn’t touch the pedals or steer the car
But he got away, far far away
Rocky the Squirrel was his name
While flyin’ high was his fame
He couldn’t stay in his lane
Drivin’ my car like a hell-bound train
Break - Banjo
Verse 2
Drivin’ kinda squirrelly, all over the place
Sportin’ my shades and all my bling
Police caught him early, wrote him up
But he got away, and won’t give up
Break - Fiddle
Verse 3
He said he was Uber or maybe Lyft
But still couldn’t drive a 5-speed shift
Police said nuts, and off he went
Drivin’ down sidewalks, he’s hell bent
Chorus and tag last line x 2
OUTRO  Instrumental Tag on time last phrase