Stories and Memories - Self-Imposed Highs and Lows
Self-Imposed Highs and Lows By Orion Boucher, (Key of B, 130 BPM)
Afterthought Tune Producer (BMI)
Intro: - Banjo
Those self-imposed highs and lows, Sometimes that’s just the way she goes
When I’m in some pain, it surely shows, Folks say when it rains it pours
We’ve all heard that phrase before, But it sure hits home when a hangover is close
Verse 1:
Listen here I’m sippin on beer, let me just make my mission clear
Abandoning all fear, it may appear
Waking up with whiskey on my breath, pain in my chest, feelin a little stressed
That’s alright, who am I tryin to impress
Break (Chorus Melody) – Fiddle
Verse 2:
Friends playin music to wake me up, pour some coffee in my cup
Hoppin in your truck and I’m still feelin drunk
Pukin’ and rallyin’ and hittin the trail, slower than a snail think I’m gonna fail
Then we start singin and I know that I’ll prevail
Break Chorus Melody x2 (Mando + Banjo Break)
Well I ain’t profound but I ain’t no clown
I ain’t broke but my brains broke down
Shade of red is the way we paint the town
Sittin’ in bed with my head all spun
Thinkin’ that I might’ve had too much fun
But I sure smile and I say job well done.
Chorus + Tag last line as Outro