Stories and Memories - Two Roads
Two Roads By Randy Hanson
(Key of D, 120 BPM), MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
Into on Verse Melody (Mando)
Verse 1
Woke up this mornin, I don’t know where
Down this highway, so far from there
Fork in the road, makin’ me choose
Between two futures, I could lose
Two roads, with our stories untold
Two roads, where our love went cold
Two roads, got me up, up and gone
Just a desperado, movin’ on
Break on Verse (Fiddle)
Verse 2
You can’t go where I’m bound
A bridge to nowhere can’t be found
Tomorrow still haunted by our yesterdays
Takin’ me back to our old ways
Chorus & Break on Verse (Banjo)
Verse 3
Thinkin’ of you in every town
Our memories just keep hangin’ round
But our kisses are long gone
And our love just can’t go on
Outro tag last line
Just a desperado, movin’ on
Just a desperado, movin’ on
Outro on Verse Melody (F/B)