Bridget Kelly Band, "Back in the Blues" (2013)
  • Windchase Blues
  • Cold Stone Treatment
  • Texas Tea
  • Blue Cadillac
  • Nine After Midnight
  • Without Your Love
  • Let's Talk About Love
  • Nuthin' Left
  • Why I Sing the Blues
  • Windchase Blues
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  • Cold Stone Treatment
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  • Texas Tea
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  • Blue Cadillac
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  • Nine After Midnight
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  • Without Your Love
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  • Let's Talk About Love
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  • Nuthin' Left
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  • Why I Sing the Blues
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Track Listing Bridget Kelly Band "Back in the Blues" (2013)

Track #1 Why I Sing the Blues 4:38
Track #2 Windchase Blues 4:40
Track #3 Mr. Blues 6:36
Track #4 Cold Stone Treatment 5:15
Track #5 Let's Talk About Love 4:15
Track #6 To Die For Love 5:33
Track #7 Nuthin' Left 4:13
Track #8 Texas Tea 4:22
Track #9 Nine After Midnight 3:43
Track #10 Blue Cadillac 3:09
Track #11 Bring My Baby Back 6:46
Track #12 Without Your Love 3:49
Track #13 All Dressed Up 4:49
Track #14 Sad River 6:15
Track #15 Rockin' the Blues 4:59

Label: Alpha Sun records
Released: June 2013
All songs: Tim Fik, Bridget kelly
Bridget Kelly (vocals), Tim Fik (guitar, vocals), Mike Hamm (bass), Michael Barady (drums)

Band Bio. Inspired by classic & electric blues, the Bridget Kelly Band has placed their unique stamp on the blues genre, with high-energy live performances and a hybrid sound that mixes Texas and Memphis Blues with various Southern Blues traditions. The powerful and sultry vocals of singer Bridget Kelly and the incendiary lead guitar work of Tim Fik forge a signature hybrid sound that combines female urban blues with riff-driven rockin' blues guitar; held together by a dynamic rhythm section comprised of Alex Klausner on drums and Mark Armbrecht on bass. The group has recently expanded their sound by adding keyboardist Chris Alexander to their live shows.

The Bridget Kelly Band (BKB) has been performing at clubs, concerts, and festivals throughout the United States, and recently at the "Women in Blues" Showcase in Memphis during the 2017 International Blues Challenge (IBC). As IBC Semi-Finalist in 2015 and 2016, the group continues to gain serious media attention. Songs from their 2014 "Forever in Blues" CD could be heard on Sirius XM satellite radio and radio stations around the world. The group rapidly earned its reputation as a rockin', female-fronted blues band, when voted #3 by Blues E-News magazine in a "Women in Music" poll in July of 2015.

The group's third album, "Outta the Blues" (released in May of 2016), reached a milestone as it rose to #11 on the RMR Contemporary Blues chart, hit #1 on the RMR Electric Blues Chart for six weeks in July and August of 2016, and was the #4 top-ranked Roots Music Radio "Electric Blues" album last year. Favorable media reviews and regular airplay on Pandora, Spotify, Jango, and Internet radio has helped the band to expand their international fan base. The Bridget Kelly Band's third release "Outta the Blues" charted well on the Roots Music Report RMR charts. For the week of July 11th, the CD charted #11 on RMR Top-50 Blues Album chart; and was #1 on the RMR "Electric Blues" Album chart in July and August of 2016 with a #1 (#2) song "Someone's Hoodoin' Me" the week of July 4th (the week of July 11th) on the RMR Electric Blues Song chart. During the month of June 2016 the CD reached #4 in the State of Florida music chart. Outta the Blues was the group's third album, released in May of 2016 on Alpha Sun Records. The CD was also #21 on the International Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) Digital Blues chart for the month of May (2016). Tracks from this CD have now made the playlists of DJs around the globe.

BKB's continued success has been largely attributed to its insistence of giving it their all, every time they take the stage. Their passion for the music is evident in the energy of their live shows.

Formed in Summer of 2010, the Bridget Kelly Band was an offshoot of earlier collaborations between Bridget Kelly and husband Tim Fik, which produced two solo projects: "Do You Remember?" (2008) and "Unclassifiable" (2010). These American Roots music albums earned the acoustic duo regional radio airplay and gained the attention of the music community with high-energy performances at the Florida Folk Festival and venues across the Sunshine State. With a passion for writing original music and exploring "the blues" in its many varieties, they formed the Bridget Kelly Band, following the success of their contemporary blues song "Stone Cold Treatment".

The Bridget Kelly Band has certainly come a long way since the first show at Billy's Downtown Blues Bar in Palatka, Florida back in 2011; a line-up which featured Bridget on vocals, Tim on guitar, bassist Mike Hamm, and drummer Michael Barady. Since its inception, the Bridget Kelly Band has relentlessly traveled and performed throughout the Southeastern Unites States; and has recently been branching out to play shows in cities across the Midwest and Northeast.

The group's first blues album "Back in the Blues", released in the Spring of 2013 was the North Central Florida Blues Society's pick for the IBC's Best Self-Produced CD competition. Honing their signature sound, Bridget and Tim became committed to living the dream of performing their music and celebrating the blues in its electrified form. Their brand of "electric blues" has carved out a niche for them in the industry, and they continue to promote the music and honor the legacy of the blues.

The Bridget Kelly Band is excited to release their 4th album -- "Bone Rattler" -- May/June of 2017, on Alpha Sun Records. It is an eclectic 2-disk CD, comprised of 22 all-original songs that cover a fairly wide spectrum of electric blues and blue-rock styles. A summer tour to promote the new CD includes shows in Florida, Georgia (with an official CD release party at Darwin's in Atlanta, June 10), as well as club and festival dates in Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio. The CD will be available for download on AirPlayDirect and CDBaby in early May.

Their last album --Bridget Kelly Band "Outta the Blues" (2016), brought the band great success, with favorable reviews and impressive charting statistics. The "Outta the Blues" album featured 15 originals songs including... Spellbound -- a slow and magical blues burner; Sweet River Blues -- an up-tempo, foot-stompin' tune couched in the classic tradition; Hard Times in the City -- a soulful blues-fusion song; Baltimore Woes -- an urban blues song that tells the plight of dealing with loss/heartache; Dancin' with the Blues -- a contemporary blues-rocker; When the Nighttime Comes -- a serious and poignant song about homelessness and the forgotten; Up and Gone -- based on the Smokestack Lightning lick, this one will get you up on your feet;
Someone's Hoodooin' Me -- a little voodoo magic...
... plus six more rockin' numbers! The "Outta the Blues" CD featured new members Alex Klausner on drums and Mark Armbrecht on bass; and helped the band springboard to new heights. This long-anticipated CD was dedicated to B.B. King and Johnny Winter... with compositions that continues to mix Memphis and Texas music traditions with a little Chicago attitude thrown in for good measure... all in all a solid rockin' blues album.

With the release of their 2nd CD: "Forever in Blues" (June of 2014), the group gained serious media attention, with excellent reviews from music critics in the U.S. and U.K. The album, which contained 15 original songs, was a top-4 pick by the International Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) in the summer of 2014, and the CD charted regularly on the Roots Music Report (RMR) Top-50 Blues Chart (August through October), reaching the #14 spot for the week ending Oct. 23rd. The "Forever in Blues" CD climbed to #2 on the RMR State of Florida chart and hit #1 on the Blues Debut chart for two weeks running (ending Oct. 6th) and peaked at #2 on the chart the week of Dec. 2nd , 2014. Songs from the CD obtained regular airplay on Sirius XM radio (B.B. King's Bluesville).

The Bridget Kelly Band’s music has made the playlists of DJs hosting popular syndicated blues radio shows around the globe, including KFFA (Helena, Arkansas)— Sunshine Sonny Payne’s “King Biscuit Time”, Tony Colter’s “Blues Report” on BB King’s Bluesville (CH 70 Sirius-XM radio), Kevin Black's "Black on Blues" and Tony Corner’s “Blues Corner” (in the UK), Chefjimi Patricola’s “, Baker’s Dozen”, John Hammer’s “Hammered by the Blues”, Kevin Beale's "Blues on the Marsh", the Kool Breeze show, the “Good Morning Blues show” (WRFG Atlanta), Clive Newton’s “Voice of the Red Sea Blues”, Crossroads Café, “ATC” Blues, “The Raven & the Blues show”, Blues & Roots radio, WWOZ (New Orleans), Radio IDL (Tulsa), “Crossroads” with Chris Helm, Josep Palmada’s Red Hot Blues show”, Cleve Baker’s “Confessing the Blues”, DJ Wyatt’s “Yippee-ki-ay -- Rattled Beats show”, Vinny Marini’s “Music on the Couch”, Radio Wesser, Cool Hand’s “Juke Joint”, Ian Mckenzie’s “Blues Before Midnight”, DJ Yorkie’s “Monday Madhouse”, “Blues Club” with Switch Dunmow, the “Eclectic Chair” with Trish Lewis, “Saturday Blues” with Sister T, Wild Bill Kenton’s “Blues 102”, “Friday Night Blues” with Norma Martinez, Gil Anthony’s “Blues Power”, and numerous other radio shows throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, and France.

Performing at clubs and festivals throughout the Southeastern U.S., the Bridget Kelly Band has shared the stage with numerous national blues touring acts including Albert Castiglia, Biscuit Miller and the Mix, the Jeff Jensen Band, Tas Cru and the Tortured Souls, Selwyn Birchwood, the BMA nominated Brandon Santini, and BillBoard charting artist Victor Wainwright. Recent performances include St. John's River Blues Festival, the High Dive and Thomas Center (Gainesville, FL), the Hard Rock Café, (Atlanta, GA), Roberts Hall (Lynn Haven, FL), Skipper's (Tampa, FL), Bradfordville Blues Club (Tallahassee, FL), Blue Crab Festival, “Blues Appetizer” Concert to kick off the Bradenton Blues Festival, Dirty Martini Bar, (Gainesville, FL), Englewood’s on Dearborn (Englewood, FL), Buckingham Blues Bar (Ft. Myers, FL), The Blues Rooster (Sarasota, FL), The Alley (Sanford, FL). The band is based out of North Central Florida, and active members of the North Central Florida Blues Society (NCFBS), the Atlanta Blues Society (ABS), the SunCoast Blues Society, and the Memphis Blues Society.

On September 7th, 2014, the Bridget Kelly Band won the NCFBS sponsored Blues Challenge, and went on to compete at the International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, January 21-24, 2015; bringing their stage show and original music to the blues clubs on Beale Street. The group advanced to the IBC Semi-Finals and were well-received by enthusiastic and cheering audiences at the Jerry Lee Lewis’ club (on Jan. 21st and 22nd), the Blues City Café (Jan. 23rd), and the “Women in Blues Showcase” at the Center for Southern Folklore (Downtown, Memphis). Recently, the group performed at the “Women of the Blues” concert at Rum Boogie Café (May 9, 2015) featuring Sonny Rock on drums.

The Bridget Kelly Band returned to the IBC January 27-30 2016, and once again advanced to the Semi-Finals after high-energy performances at Wet Willie's and The Tin Roof. Members of the band also participated in various club jams on Beale Street.

The Bridget Kelly Band is excited to announce the release of their newest CD: "Bone Rattler" (May 2017) on Alpha Sun records... a two-disk CD with 22 original songs! The album was recorded November 2016 through March 2017 at Alpha Sun Studios in Gainesville, Florida.

The Bridget Kelly Band ranked #3 among voters in a recent readers' poll of favorite Women in Music artists. The poll was conducted by Blues-E-News magazine in July of 2015:

Note: The Bridget Kelly Band are two-time winners of the North Central Florida Blues Society's Blues Challenge (2014, 2015) and two-time International Blues Challenge IBC Semi-Finalists in Memphis (January 2015, 2016).

Genre: Electric Blues / Blues (Contemporary) Link:

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Hope you enjoy the music! And a BIG THANKS to all the DJs for the spins and kind words. If you would like to receive a physical copy of the Bridget Kelly Band CD "Bone Rattler", please e-mail Tim Fik at

Best wishes to you and yours,

Tim Fik (Alpha Sun Records), Bridget Kelly Band; e-mail:


CD REVIEWS "Outta the Blues"
Chris Spector of the Midwest Review writes: ALPHA SUN/BRIDGET KELLY BAND/CD: Outta the Blues: "Kelly really finds the meat in her métier here with equal parts languid and equal parts soul wrenching pulling at you from both ends, sometimes in the same song. Coming across in totally assured fashion, this white girl has a deadly serious case of show blues and knows how to show it to best advantage. She’s just making her blues crown shinier with each successive release and this keeps the chain going. Well done." Chris Spector May, 2016

Bridget Kelly Band "Outta The Blues" CD Alpha Sun Records 2016: "Reflections in Blue" Bill Wilson:
There is a straight-forward honesty in both the music and vocal delivery on this album that I found so totally refreshing. It was like a drink of cold mountain spring water, taken right from the source. Kelly, on vocals is backed by Tim Fik on guitars and vocals, Mark Armbrecht on bass and Alex Klausner on drums. Fik delivers such a sweet tone, more interested with quality than quantity, though he does show himself capable of holding his own with anyone out there. Then we come to the rhythm section. I was once told by an old-timer that if a rhythm section is doing their job properly that they blend so seamlessly with the band overall that, unless they mess up, they can be practically invisible. Armbrecht and Klausner are doing their jobs flawlessly. All too often, especially with young performers, a gig can more resemble a battlefield, each performer making an attempt to outplay the next. This is a true working band, playing as a single unit. This is some nice work, to be sure. This is straight-ahead blues with enough of a contemporary edge to keep the younger folks happy while traditional enough to satisfy the old codgers like me. This one comes highly recommended. - Bill Wilson, May 2016

Bridget Kelly Band CD review…June 1, 2016
Posted June 2, 2016

Everyone knows the Gainesville, Florida, area has a strong Southern-rock and blues presence. One of our favorite groups from that region is The Bridget Kelly Band, and they are back with another powerhouse set of fourteen good-rockin’ blues and soulful ballads entitled “Outta The Blues” on Alpha Sun Records. Bridget’s on vocals, with the set’s producer, the venerable Tim Fik on guitars, with the rhythm section of Mark Armbrecht on bass and Alex Klausner on drums. They were Semi-Finalists in both 2015 and 2016 at the IBC’s down in Memphis, and keep that hot streak going with this sweet set.
They lead off on a strong note, as Bridget tells a no-good lover to “travel on, baby–I’m Gonna Stay Here with the blues!” Tim’s slide gives this one a Duane Allman feel, and Bridget revisits that theme a little later, as “tonight I’m goin’ Dancin’ With The Blues.” And, she knows all too well about that “Dangerous Man”—“I shoulda walked away, or, better yet, ran!” The guitar here is vintage Southern-rock, and Tim takes a fiery, extended solo. “Up And Gone/Smokestack Lightning” incorporates the Chester Burnett chestnut into a message that tells a lover that “when you come back home from Memphis. I’ll be Up And Gone!” Another cool midtempo groover finds Bridget being troubled by that ol’ “unseen eye,” and knows that “Someone’s Hoodooin’ Me!”
We had two favorites, too. Bridget’s soulful side always shines on the slow-bluesers, and she really turns up the heat on the broken love affair story of “Spellbound,” over Tim’s blister-string riffs. The set’s most powerful piece deals with “a mother crying for a son that just ain’t there.” It is “Baltimore Woes,” and takes a poignant look at the strained relationships all over the USA between law enforcement and inner-city youths.
The Bridget Kelly Band makes authentic, good ole Southern-fried boogie blues, and tour all over the Southeast at clubs and festivals. “Outta The Blues” is sho’ nuff “outta this world” good! Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society
THE BEACHCOMBER Tuesday, May 24th, 2016, Music Reviews
Bridget Kelly Band, World Music, Blues, Jazz, Classic Rock and More... The Beat’s Record Roundup By Christopher C. Manson, Bruce Collier, Nikki Hedrick
Bridget Kelly Band Outta the Blues, Alpha Sun Records 2016 Blues music is alive and well—you just have to know where to look. The band is all about electrified guitar blues, with the lovely Kelly soulfully crooning along the way. It isn’t just one flavor of blues, but a nice blend of all the genre’s niches by one talented group—modern blues firmly rooted in honoring everything that makes this music something to be felt at gut level. Nikki Hedrick

July 5, 2016 -- Bman's Blues Report
Alpha Sun Records artist: Bridget Kelly Band - Outta The Blues - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Outta The Blues, from the Bridget Kelly Band and it's a cool rocking blues party. Opening with Gonna Stay Here, a blues rock shuffle based loosely on Statesboro Blues. Featuring Bridget Kelly on lead vocal, Alex Klausner on drums, Mark Armbrecht on bass and Tim Fik on guitar, this is a solid opener. Digging into deeper blues, Spellbound, features Fik showing some of his prize riffs, making you sweat and with Kelly's warm vocals this is one of my favorite tracks on the release. With nice rhythm guitar work under a clean guitar opener, If You See My Baby, has a Doobies feel making is quite a danceable rocker. Fik shows his SRV side with some hot fanning guitar riffs. Shuffle track, Sweet River Blues, may be one of Kelly's best vocal outings on the release with pure blues feel. Very nice! Baltimore Woes has a more contemporary rock feel with Stevie Nicks like phrasing. Fik's stylistic soloing on this track is very nice as is the bass runs by Armbrecht. Dancin' With The Blues is a straight up blues rocker with solid vocals and guitar refrain. Dangerous Man has an easy driving beat with a cool guitar line augmented by tight drumming by Klausner. Willie Dixon style, Up and Gone/Smokestack Lightning is a real nice rumble with Kelly leading the charge with aggressive vocals. The band is tight and Fik's slide work slick. Very nice! Lonely Night In June is a cool R&B style track with feelings of Christine McVie and Etta James. Fik's sensitive guitar melodies are nicely crafted. A cool bluesy track, this one should see strong airplay. When The Nighttime Comes has a cool BB King meets SRV feel with Fik on lead vocals. This track has a gritty sound that stands it apart in a good way. Driving rocker, Hard Times In The City, has a very memorable melody and strong guitar undertones. Blues shuffle, Double Crossed, is a free wheeling take on a traditional blues standard. Fik's guitar riffs are loose and energetic and Kelly's vocals are solids. Wrapping the release is Rocket to the Moon with a funky edge. Nice bluesy vocals, a strong bass line, solid guitar riffs and tight drumming sum it up. BMan

IBC 2016 -- Open Hyperlink below to view Bridget Kelly Band video (from the International Blues Challenge, Memphis TN, January 2016):

Past CD and Band reviews--
BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE REVIEW of the new "Forever in Blues" CD-- Bridget Kelly Band – Forever In Blues
Alpha Sun Records 2014; 15 tracks; 71 minutes...

North Florida’s Bridget Kelly Band consists of Bridget on vocals, Tim Fik on guitar and occasional vocals, Michael Barady on drums and Mike Hamm on bass. All the material on this generously filled CD is original, written by Bridget and Tim. The band has shared the stage with the likes of Albert Castiglia, Victor Wainwright, Brandon Santini and Jeff Jensen and pay tribute to that ‘next generation’ of blues stars in the sleevenotes. The CD is well produced (by Tim) and the guitar is particularly well played, Tim demonstrating tasteful tone throughout. Bridget’s voice lacks a wide sonic range but is clear and the lyrics are easily understood; she also avoids the trap that many female vocalists fall into of resorting to shouting.
Opener “I’ll Be Missin’ You” sets out the stall with some searing guitar licks over a steady rhythm section. “Blues In The Kitchen” follows a similar approach but has more interesting lyrics, the usual clichés of kitchens (dirty dishes in sink, floor needing sweeping) being related to the absence of a good man, Tim contributing a fine, chopped solo. “Texas Toast” opens with some more fluid and expressive guitar before taking the food/love analogy further on an extended slow blues: “I was your bread and butter, I treated you like gold; you’ve burned me for the last time, baby I ain’t no Texas toast”.
To ensure that we all get where the band is coming from no fewer than six tracks contain the word blues in the title. In fact “I’ll Take The Blues” has something of a latin lilt to it, especially in Tim’s great guitar on the track, and it’s one of several standout cuts here. If a rocking blues is more what you fancy, try “Take Me Home Blues” for size.
Title track “Forever In Blues” is a slower tune, the rather downbeat lyrics being well matched by the music as Tim wrings out some very ‘blue’ notes from his guitar. The jump style tune “He Lied To Me” makes a good change of pace, not that far removed from Tampa Red’s “Don’t You Lie To Me” and the chugging rhythm of “Goin’ To Memphis” sets the toes tapping. “Tall Man” changes the lyrical focus with tales of making deals with the tall stranger “at the crossroads in Mississippi where you hear that black cat moan” – “that’s where you find him, the keeper of lost souls”, Tim taking an extended solo which ranges across the frets impressively. The longest track here is “Everyday Without You” brings Tim to the vocal mike as well as contributing some more excellent guitar on a grinding slow number. Tim also shares vocal duties with Bridget on “When The Blues Come Around” to provide a good, upbeat close to the album.
Overall a solid CD with plenty of good guitar which should appeal to many blues fans out there. All credit to the band for going for all original material rather than slipping in a few of the old warhorses – good to hear. Reviewer--John Mitchell

The Bridget Kelly Band "Forever in Blues" CD hit #3 on the RMR State of Florida Blues Chart three weeks (Aug 25 - Sep 9) and #5 the week of Sep 18. The group's debut CD “Back in the Blues”, released in the Spring of 2013, was the North Central Florida Blues Society’s regional pick for the 2014 International Blues Competition (IBC) top independent CD release in Memphis. The disk contained all original blues songs couched in styles that range from Chicago and Memphis blues to rockin' Texas style blues. The band’s original compositions have been featured on WXJZ Smooth Jazz in Gainesville, Florida (formerly DJ Q-quincy’s Blues Show), Kevin Black's "Women in the Blues" and the "Black on Blues" show (from the U.K.), Tony T.C. Corner’s “Blues Corner” radio show (UK), Best of 2013 CDs, John Hammer’s “Hammered by the Blues” radio show, Kool Breeze blues radio, Vinny Bond Marini's "Blues on the Couch", Bill and Pat Hudson "Good Morning Blues show from Atlanta, Georgia, Gil Anthony's Blues Power radio (Dothan, Alabama), as well as blues radio shows throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and France.

The band's NEW CD "Forever in Blues" (released June 14th of 2014) has already made a splash, with leading DJ's around the globe spinning the band's songs on their syndicated Blues Radio shows. The "Forever in Blues" CD climb to #2 on the Blues Debut chart (week of August 18th, 2014), #7 on Gil Anthony's Blues Power chart (week of September 1, 2014); #3 in the RMR State of Florida Blues Chart (8/25-9/9); and #27 on the RMR Top-50 Blues Chart (week of September 1). Tracks from the CD have been featured on Blues Deluxe, Digital Blues, At The Crossroads, Mother Road Blues, the Crossroad Cafe, and many other radio Internet blues shows. The group continues to perform at festivals and live entertainment clubs/venues throughout Florida and the Southeast. Recent dates have included performances at Atlanta's Hard Rock Cafe, Vetfest and Bikefest at Thunder Music Park (Hampton, FL), St. John's River Blues Festival, Florida's Azalea Festival (White Springs, FL), The High Dive (Gainesville, FL) with Albert “The Kid” Castiglia, The Dirty Martini Bar (Gainesville, FL), Florida Folk Festival (White Springs, FL), The Thomas Center (Gainesville, FL), Billy's Downtown Blues Bar (Palatka, FL) with Victor Wainwright, Roberts Hall (Lynn Haven, FL), Skipper's Smokehouse (Tampa, FL), Topsail Hill State Park's "Red, White & Blues" Concert (Santa Rosa Beach, FL), Ellie Ray's (Branford, FL), Bradfordville Blues Club (Tallahassee, FL), The Alley (Sanford, FL), Florida's Blue Crab Festival (on the St. John's River)... just to name a few.

Singer Bridget Kelly was also featured in the Women in the Blues Showcase at the IBC in Memphis, closing the show at the fabled Center for Southern Folklore. Bridget Kelly and guitarist Tim Fik were invited to sit in with Brandon Santini and the Jeff Jensen band at W.C. Handy's Blues Hall (Memphis, TN) the weekend of the IBC (Jan. 2014). While attending the BMA’s (May 2014), Bridget performed at Beale Street’s famous Rum Boogie Cafe, sitting in with Sonny Rock and Tas Cru.

The Bridget Kelly Band will be playing the “Blues Appetizer Concert” for the 2014 Bradenton Blues Festival on Friday December 5th, from 6-9PM to kick off the Bradenton Blues Festival (December 6th, 2014). The Bridget Kelly Band has played and shared the stage with numerous well-known national acts including Albert ("the kid") Castiglia, Willie Green, Biscuit Miller, the Jeff Jensen Band, Nicole Hart, Brandon Santini, and BillBoard charting artist Victor Wainwright.

Gary Anton of the Bradfordville Blues Club wrote this.. "The Bridget Kelly Band will be playing the BBC Saturday, Sept. 21. 2013. This four piece from the Gainesville area is fronted by vocalist Bridget Kelly and backed up by some pretty hot and tasteful picking by guitarist Tim Fik. Bridget and Tim combine a retro '60's and '80's sound for a unique take on blues-rock."

Chazz Clooney of BlackFox Productions wrote this…
"The Bridget Kelly Band...A rockin' blues band out of the Gainesville, Florida area that you have to see to believe! Having met all of the band members I can honestly say they are a great bunch of people and fine musicians. Bridget Kelly,with her soulful but also raspy and strong vocals belts out the blues like nobody's bi-ness... while master class guitarist Tim Fik (featured in guitar player magazine) rips off blues runs reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan...and all of it held together like glue by the bass playing of Mike Hamm and the skin smackin' of Michael Barady...this band Rocks some Blues!!! Check their FB pages for their schedule for the year....this is one band you WANT to see!!!" Chazz Clooney also commented on the Bridget Kelly Band's recent performance at the Bo Diddley Community Plaza NCFBS Blues Concert, Nov. 7, 2014, Gainesville, Florida: "Destined for greatness".

Chris Spector of the Midwest Record wrote "While so many white, blues mamas want to be Janis and scorch their throats, Kelly doesn’t shy away from a throat scorch, but she looks (kind of like) and sounds (at times) like Kim Carnes. With her and her band bringing their blues from Florida, there’s obviously a different sun shining on Florida than Texas or the delta because there’s nothing hard scrabble here. This is the perfect tonic for anyone that thinks blues has to be downbeat. The rest of the crew backs Kelly up with the kind of SoCal sound Carnes had before “Bette Davis Eyes” albeit with a blues wash. Great stuff for when you just want to bob your head and tap your toe without a care in the world. Check it out. Chris had this to say about the new CD: "Further refining their infectious groove, this crew has got a real handle on pop/blues, so much so that you can hear purists popping a few arteries in the distance. This second set by the Kelly band is just plain on the money throughout subtly reminding that the job of entertainers is to entertain. Put this at the top of your list of gassers that delivers a pure bred good time from start to finish."

Charlie Boyer, Publisher of Jazz & Blues Florida says, "The CD Gods have been very, very good to us lately! The Bridget Kelly Band are going to put themselves on the map with this one. Great tunes, production, and delivery - on every single cut! And, no doubt about it.. they are ALL the blues."

"Ridin’ hard out of the North Central Florida area is a tough blues-ock outfit known as the Bridget Kelly Band. Their 2013 debut is entitled “Back In The Blues,” on Alpha Sun Records. Bridget has one of those voices that can go from sultry into her upper register with ease, and is perfect for this bluesy material. Joining her are Tim Fik on guitars and vocals, Mike Hamm on bass, and Michael Barady on drums. Together, they tackle a myriad of emotions over the course of these fifteen cuts and seventy-plus minutes of good blues, with the emphasis squarely on Bridget’s vocals and Tim’s guitar. Tim has that vintage feel for good ole Southern rock, along the lines of Les Dudek and Dickie Betts, which you can easily recognize as you listen.
Also as you listen to this set, Bridget and the band have a feel for songs that deal with love, loss. pain, and, eventual redemption. Leading off, for example, is the midtempo groove of “Why I Sing The Blues,” as Bridget laments that “my ship of love ran aground,” but she vows to “keep keepin’ on!” Tim breaks out the wah-wah pedal on some fancy guitar work in “Windchase Blues,”and Bridget and Tim give a bittersweet take on the end of a love affair, where there’s “Nothin Left but the shoutin’ and the blues.”
We had two favorites, too. On one of the set’s most powerful pieces, Bridget sings of the planet’s destruction in the name of “sweet crude down in the ground”, entitled “Texas Tea.” On this one, Tim’s blistering lead work scorches this one like a Texas twister. And, Tim and Bridget again duet on a hilarious tune about “keepin’ the taxman away from my Blue Cadillac!” The Bridget Kelly Band is making a whole lotta noise down Gainesville way, and rightfully so. There’s so mighty powerful stuff on “Back In The Blues!” Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

"The Bridget Kelly Band is one of the hardest-working blues-rock outfits in Florida. They broke onto the scene with their 2013 set entitled “Back in the Blues,” (reviewed elsewhere within this humble forum), and are back with an even stronger set, “Forever In Blues.” The band’s groove is looser, and they all seem more relaxed on these fifteen originals, and everybody is just lettin’ the good times roll! The band members are the lovely-voiced Bridget Kelly on vocals, Tim Fik on guitars, Michael Barady on drums, and Mike Hamm on bass.
The set leads off with Bridget comparing the loss of a lover with “the whispering rain,” and “a flood in the house, and I’m knee-deep in pain,” on “I’ll Be Missing You.” Another great metaphor for lost love is up next, with “Blues In The Kitchen–my cupboards are empty, and I could use a good man!” “Take Me Home Blues” is a cool take on one-night stands, and Tim’s guitar really rocks on this one!
“Tall Man” warns of that mythical figure down at the Crossroads–don’t ever ask him for directions! Tim’s fretwork captures that serious mojo under the watchful eye of Little John The Conqueroo on this one! And, “Goin’ To Memphis” swings just like a big blues party down on Beale! We had some favorites, too. “Blues Are Drownin’ Me” is a classic slow-burner with Bridget turning to the bottle to“drink ’til I go under and sweep away my pain” over a broken love affair. Tim and Bridget both get down-and-dirty on “Texas Toast,” as Bridget tells another cheatin’ dog of a lover “not to bother comin’ back!” And, the set closes with a real houserockin’ duet, “When The Blues Come round, I just shine my shoes,’cause sooner or later, the blues’ll be walkin’ too!!” Scheduled to be a part of the Bradenton Blues Festival in December, The Bridget Kelly Band is coming into their own, and powerful sets such as “Forever In Blues” are sure to broaden their horizons!" Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.

"A straight-ahead four piece band with Tim Fik on guitar, Michael Barady on drums Mike Hamm on bass and the unstoppable Bridget Kelly on vocals, the Bridget Kelly Band pours out the blues with power, passion and a finesse that says they’ve been working on this for quite some time. One of the first things I noticed when I listened to this disc is that this band works together, as a single unit. While a lot of your inexperienced garage bands sound like a bunch of individuals on stage competing for top position, the Bridget Kelly Band operates like a well-maintained machine, each piece doing his or her part, in turn, getting the job done and getting it done properly and done well. Here is the key to any successful band, leave the boxing gloves at home. This age of “American Idol”, “Americas’ Got Talent” and dozens more of the same have destroyed the concept of the band, looking for that one-hit wonder…the person that can capture the eye and ear of the American public and go to the top of the charts. The company makes big money, the individual gets a record deal and the public is left with emptiness, just waiting for the next great thing. Bands, on the other hand, are like family…they work and play together building something that they hope will withstand whatever one might want to throw at them. Whatever anyone says about the bands, they are the real deal. In the case of the Bridget Kelly Band, they have spent their time honing their skills and the results are amazing. From a musical standpoint, this band is right on the money. The guitar work is powerful, passionate and drips with emotional power. The rhythm section is one of those that I tend to look on as the perfect rhythm sections. Stax Records had the incredible Steve Cropper and Donald “Duck” Dunn. This was a rhythm section that was able to work so well together and blend with the band so well that the listener barely knew they were there. The only time they stood out is if they screwed up, and that just never happened. Muddy Waters had Calvin “Fuzz” Jones and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith. Michael Barady and Mike Hamm are another such rhythm section. This leaves the guitarist and vocalist free to play around and even take chances. With a superb guitarist and a rhythm section that is second to none, that leaves Bridget Kelly on vocals. This woman has a set of pipes that just won’t quit. Her vocal range runs from fierce as a mama lion to sultry and passionate as a schoolgirl who has found her first love. The band overall has a deep love for the blues that is evident in every note they play. Add to that the fact that they play what they know and you have a winning combination. Then you have Bridget’s striking beauty, which, theoretically should not be an issue but we all know better. After all is said and done, the Bridget Kelly band has everything a person might look for in a band. They have a timeless quality, sounding like something we grew up listening to our entire lives. 2014’s "Forever In Blues" is a winner, hands down."
–Bill Wilson

"Forever In Blues is the second album by the Bridget Kelly Band. Florida-based,the band has a full, rich sound with some great guitar playing by Tim Fik clearly to be heard in the mix while Kelly's voice is strong, powerful and full of soul. You sure get your money's worth with this one. Fifteen tracks, all strong with no dead-weight to be found here. This is simply a very good album that grabs the
attention from the opening bars and rips along boldly with panache and clarity. You'll be sad when it reaches the end but fortunately it can always be replayed -time and time again. The Bridget Kelly Band is a finely balanced ensemble that has a firm grasp of the music and a maturity that only comes from years of experience playing the clubs , juke-joints and bars of the US South. There's a great confidence in the self-written material and in its soulful delivery. At times, I was reminded of
early - perhaps the best - work of Johnny Winter.
Overall, it would be hard to fault anything about this release. It fair romps along from track to track with fine pacing and emotion. Highlighting the skill of the four musicians featured. An album for those who like their blues to rock their boat."
Iain Patience (IBBA)

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    Bridget Kelly (vocals), Tim Fik (guitar), Alex Klausner (drums), Mark Armbrecht (bass)
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    Bridget Kelly Band
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    Etta James, Elmore James, Johnny Winter, Freddie King, Bonnie Raitt, Albert King, Jimmy Reed, Walter Trout
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