Where The Mountain Lilies Grow
2. Where The Mountain Lilies Grow:
After knowing fabulous artist and songwriter Donna Ulisse for many years and having the privilege of singing with her on a couple of her CDs, we finally got together to try and write a song.
Donna told me a story about a beloved aunt from her husband Rick Stanley’s family, who played the guitar and hailed from the mountains of Virginia. She and some of the other characters in her story sounded like they could have been from my own family. I began playing a little melancholy melody that we wound up writing a verse and a chorus around that day. Before we met again, I made some idea notes and when Donna and I next sat down together, we finished this bittersweet mountain love song. I’m so happy with how beautiful it turned out. The icing on the cake is the back vocals, sung by the great Jerry Salley and Donna herself… a fellow just couldn’t ask for better than that. Thank you, Donna, for the story and for the honor of being asked to write this one with you.