Lawrence County Seat
Verse 1:
Today is my last day
I’m officially retired
I’ll just sit around
in my new home
But I can tell some stories
If anyone still cares
I’ve seen it all
In these last 80 years

Verse 2:
You see I’m the oldest member
Of the Cordell Baptist Church
I came here when they opened up the doors
I’ve heard the gospel preached here
And the congregation shout
When a lost soul found its way to the Lord

I’ve seen ‘em come and go here
The hypocrites and saints
Some were poor and some were well to do
Politicians looking for a vote
Those looking for a ray of hope
Have all sat here on Sunday
I’m an old church pew

Verse 3
I've heard some pretty singing
How the rafters they would ring
Felt folks squirm
When the preachin' got too hot
I've seen tears of joy and sorrow
And I can testify
There's power in the mighty Lamb of God

Verse 4
I'll miss the sanctuary
And the worship most of all
But the older folks now need a softer seat
But I'm thankful for the memories
And the miracles I've seen
And they all say I'll make a great antique

I came from Ebo Fraley's farm
That big old chestnut oak
That the lightning struck
The spring of '33
Me and the little short bench
That the deacons always use
We're gonna miss the hallelujah's
We're just old church pews

Repeat Chorus