A Large Detroit American Automobile
I’ve been thinking back to the days of old
When you could tell a man by the car he drove
When every boy’s dream was a GTO
A ‘Vette or a Mustang don’t you know
Now all they talk about is something green
Anything to save a little gasoline
Hybrids, electrics, I’ll tell you friend
We’ll never see the good old days again

Well I don’t care how much gas they use
A big V-8 cures the little car blues
I’d love to get my hands
Around the neck of a Prius man
Give me a Buick Roadmaster or an Oldsmobile
A Lincoln Continental or a Coup De Ville
A large Detroit American automobile

When I put my foot in it I wanna feel
That four barrel carburetor smoke them wheels
Bigger is better in the home of the brave
Who wants a rice burner anyway?
I’m lookin’ for a ride with comfort and class
Something with style and NASCAR fast
A machine like Motor City used to make
Horsepower to spare that’s what I crave

Repeat chorus: